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Land Art Festival, 2017 - Königsmühle, CZ

Königsmühle, as a village, disappeared in 1946 after the displacement of the Sudeten German inhabitants. The hill Zatisi (“still life”) was abandoned in 1948 as a forest park and lost its functions as a meeting point because the citizens of the small town of Vodnany had no interest or motivation to maintain this place, full of memory. The former settlement is a unique place, where the mutual penetration of landscape, history, and natural heritage can be seen. Königsmühle is composed of the residues of six buildings scattered about a shallow valley. On the right-hand side, one can find common building materials and the remains of farm buildings and equipment. To the left of the village, there are the remains of two mills, and, under the water tank of the first, it is still possible to see the remains of walls and a cellar. Even the water channel, or flume, which led the water into a small tank from which the water then turned a wheel before flowing back into the stream, is still visible in the surrounding terrain. In the case of Königsmühle, a set of significant historical buildings, open and passable terrain, and an aesthetic experience of the surrounding landscape are combined together in one place. Thus, it is not just about the wild natural valley, but it is also a preserved example of an extinct settlement in a mountain valley (Land and Art Meeting 2012).

People take pictures of the Summer,
Just in case someone thought they had missed it,
Just to proved that it really existed.
People take pictures of each other,
And the moment to last them for ever,
Of the time when they mattered to someone.