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Salem, IL Pollard Motors

1860 N. Broadway Ave., Salem, IL, United States

Pollard Motors

In every other backyard in America's hinterland, car bodies from the glorious old days are rotting away. Sometimes they are turned into works of art to attract visitors passing through, or they simply rust away and are taken over by vegetation.

Car mechanic Richard Pollard, who sadly died in 2018, was one of those who had fun turning all the junk from his garage into sculptures after work. This includes an airplane that supposedly crashed in his backyard behind his house.

A knight over two meters tall watches over a field of "bumper crops", chrome bumpers growing out of the ground.

There's also a VW Beetle with legs buried under Pollard's dog named Ladybug, or a riding lawnmower with a toilet for a seat. All quite simple and with a wink. The smiley that Pollard has painted everywhere says it all.

Here is a satellite photo on which you can see that Pollard himself draws attention to his garden on the roof of his workshop.

(c) Google Maps

How long this attraction will still exist is written in the stars, sooner or later it will probably disappear.

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