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Grannis, AR Robert Wells Chain Sculptures and Roadside Ministry and Environment.

8511 U. S. Hwy 71, Grannis, AR 71944, USA

Robert Wells Chain Sculptures and Roadside Ministry and Environment.

This welded environment was created by Robert Wells. His artwork and sculptures were made out of chain links, welded into words and sculptures. Prominently there is a massive prayer tablet made of welded chain that says, "FINISHED... THE SEED OF HOPE IT IS... PARTNERS IN PRAYER JESUS NAME WE WISH AND PRAY GOD'S WILL IN YOUR LIVES ✝ FIRE 2000 IN THE FORM OF HEALING MIRACLES AND BLESSINGS AMEN THANK YOU JESUS IOU."

Wells said once that the welded link fragments represent the spiritual bonds that had been shattered with the power of Jesus. Because the construction is modular, the tablet can be stretched or contracted line by line, and the words can be modified as needed. Wells used to write the prayers with individual letters, but at some point he started to weld them together in whole sentences. Probably because the local hooligans were rearranging the prayers into curses. Take note of the Arkansas map in the tablet's upper quarter. Grannis is marked on the map by the radiating figure. There is also some more secular art, like a log chain wishing well. There is a five-foot globe on gimbals, a six-foot spatula and frying pan set, welded footbridges, and various park seats and planters.

Most of the objects are visible from the road. Some are standing on private property.

Sooner or later this roadside attraction will be gone. Robert Wells died in 20121. Somebody is still taking care of the place, but sculptures are deteroating.

geschrieben von Marcus Obst Roadside Art Environment