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Lamar, AR Dinosaur Hill – Roadside Sculptures by Dean Plank

Hagarville/Bullfrog valley on Hwy 164, AR, United States

Dinosaur Hill – Roadside Sculptures by Dean Plank

We found those Roadside Dinosaurs by accident driving on Highway 164. Somewhere between Bullfrog Valley and Hagarville we saw those large welded Dinosaurs and then a big flower a bear and a mailbox dinosaur and a snake.

Since it is private property, the doggo had every right to bark at me while I was taking pictures from outside the fence on the road.

Looking closer there was also a cock and some stick man and I spotted some flamingo's further inside the property.

The welding work looked professional and quite creative, but not as artistic as Finton Shaw from Conway, AR for example.

I tried to look up the artist/creator of this, but couldn't find anything until I found a trace in the walled garden that Facebook is.

In the group Backroads of Arkansas I found some clues and that is, that the sculptures were made by Dean Plank (1945-2020) who was a collector of old cars, a martial arts specialist and an artist once he retired.

geschrieben von Marcus Obst Folk Art Art Environment